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Default Call Handler

My Default Call Handler was beed modified somehow. It now has the forwarding station and ANI set to specific DNs. This is not something that should be possible. Is there a utility to fix this? I'm now seeing a lot of errors like this:

[Port 1] No rule could be found in the call routing table starting at rule -1 to satisfy the call. Use the RulerEditor to check the rules and insure that a default rule exists.




Re: Default Call Handler

you could run the rules configuration script and it would create the default rules. If you have never done this or do not know how. I would suggest calling TAC. I could get you into a lot of trouble. :-)

I know this will work. (there are a lot of TAC engineers that would not now how to run the script either.) It is in commserver\configmgr.exe

be careful there are scripts that will wipe out Unity.



Cisco Employee

Re: Default Call Handler

or you can just create a new direct and forwarding rule that has "*" for the calling number (meaning all calls will be processed by this rule) and have it send callers to the greeting for the opening greeting call handler. Then move these rules to the bottom of their respective routing rules list so they're processed last (or as close to last as you can).

There's nothing really special about that system rule - that's all it is. It's a "back stop" rule that sends all calls that trigger on no other rule to the opening greeting.

Not real sure how it was possible to get values into the default rule like that...

Community Member

Re: Default Call Handler

I don't know how they got in there either. I was working with Cisco TAC with some routing issues that caused all voicemail calls to go to the Opening Greeting. While troubleshooting, Cisco TAC edited one of the rules. The changes made were applied to the Default Call Handler. We were both wondering how changing a seperate rule would chane the default but it did. I'm still waiting for Cisco TAC to get back with me. Kinda slow for a P2 case.

Anyway, I was able to fix my default call handler. I used the AvRulerEditor and flaged the rule as editable and copied the fields from my test Unity system. It is working again.

Thanks All,


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