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Delay after logging in until new messages play

Hi, Have a issue with an existing unity 4.0(4) SR1 install for awhile now, with offbox Exchange 2003. Now and then, after a user logs in, there will be a long delay before the "Hello username, You have x new messages" greeting after they login.

There are no errors in the event log when this happens and the unity and exchange are on same LAN, different subnets. less then 10ms response time between the servers. Unity NIC hard coded to 100 meg.

Unity also has ES 35, and 8.1(3) TSP.

Any ideas on this?

Cisco Employee

Re: Delay after logging in until new messages play


I've seen this happen when the Unity subscriber has a large number of items in their inbox, meaning that Unity has to review the message class of each message to determine if it's a vmail message.

When the user completes the first login, Exchange creates an index of

read/unread messages as well as the types of message (voice, e-mail, fax, or

receipts). The number of messages in the inbox of the subscriber affects

how quickly Exchange can return the message counts to Cisco Unity. For

example, a thousand messages in the inbox may incur a 10-15 second delay.

This index may expire or may experience an overwrite. The expiration

occurs most often in Exchange 5.5. The overwrite occurs most often with

Exchange 2000 or 2003 because of the multiple clients of the Exchange

services or after Exchange server maintenance. A recreation of the index

causes a similar time delay. So, while this may be a contributing factor,

the fact that you're seeing a max of 500 or so messages leads me to believe

this is the only issue. But, 500 messages could generate a 5-7 second

delay. Another thought is the size of the deleted mail folder. If the

clients aren't letting messages be removed from their deleted mail folder,

this can add to the count as unity will index these as well to be able to

undelete messages.

I hope this helps.

Re: Delay after logging in until new messages play

Where are you getting the 500 messages, I did not mention 500 in my post.

The last user that reported this problem had only a couple messages in their inbox and a few dozen in their deleted items folder.

Any diags we can look at or traces that can be done?

Re: Delay after logging in until new messages play

Hi -

Just a thought, is Unity's global catalog server in the same subnet it is in or the subnet the partner Exchange server is in? We have seen some initial delay the first time after calling into voicemail after the domain controller/GC servers are rebooted (for example following maintenance). The delay occurs in the subscriber hearing his or her spoken name. Subsequent calls are OK.


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