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Detailed CDR Reports per user

We have CallManager 6.1, when I do a detailed user report by user ID, report result is empty.

I know we have to fulfill the Owner User ID on the Phone in order to get the right CDR report.

We are using Extension mobility and we cannot put the Owner User ID on the phone.

What is the alternate solution for this problem when we are using Extension Mobility?

Is there a workaround?

Thanks in advance,


Re: Detailed CDR Reports per user

CAR is a tool that provides reports on calls based on CDR records. Reports provided include calls on a user basis, calls through gateways, simplified Call Quality, and CDR search mechanism. In addition, limited database administration (the deletion of records based on DB size) is also provided. All of this information is installed in the ART database.The document present in the URL below describes one reason that data for a certain period of time does not appear in the reports created by the Call Detail Record (CDR) Analysis and Reporting (CAR) tool and provides a solution in a Cisco CallManager environment.

Also refer the url below for more information on configuring and using cisco extension mobility feature:

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