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DID Problems

I am looking for a bit of help with what looks like a configuration proiblem . At present I have two PABX networks ( different customers /networks) with three analouge (AC15 ) tie line circuits between the two networks for inter-network calls. I am replacing one of these PABX networks with a CUCM cluster 7.1 but have to retain the AC15 tie lines for (DID) inter-network calls. At present I have tried configuring  MGCP to control the FXP and FXS gateways . I have tried using keltek converters to convert the AC15 signalling so that I can use the FXO or FXS cards with two wire presentation and loop start. With the FXO card in place configured and registered  I can make outgoing   calls to any user in the remote network howerver for incoming calls  to the CUCM cluster I can only seem to have them answerd by either a  single extension ( Attended DN ) or a user within a hunt group. I have tried swapping the FXO card for a 4 port FXS /DID card , With this card registerd in the CUCM and still using MGCP and  the Keltek converters I cannot get this solution working for incoming or outgoing calls. I have looked and cannoit see any other way of configuring the FXO for incomimg calls is there another option within the FXO option to have DID calls.

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