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Different Unity problems


I just installed a Cisco Unity 4.04 integrated with a CCM 4.02.

It works but I have some problems:

1) How can I configure the message button on the phones to dial the voice mail number?

2) on the phone line I activated to forward the calls in busy and not answered condition to the Unity.

Unfortunately instead of forward the call to the unity the calls are dropped. Why?

3) When someone leaves a voice message, the subscriber receive a mail in his exchange mailbox but it's not possible to open it, in Outlook I get "impossible to open the element".

Many thanks for your help.



Re: Different Unity problems

1.) Make sure the DN has a voice mail profile selected. Check that voice mail profile configuration in Call Manager. You assign the pilot number there.

2.) Sounds like it could be a Calling Search Space issue if the call is just being dropped instead of being transfered.

3.) Someone else will need to help you on 3.

Community Member

Re: Different Unity problems


in effect I miss to configure the voice pilot number. Once configured problem 1 and problem 2 have been solved.

Thank you Mike!

Re: Different Unity problems

Hi Andy -

For problem 3:

- What version of Outlook is the client running?

- Does problem occur for all of your users or just one or more?

- Are you running ViewMail and if so, what version? If not, what are you using to open the wav file (i.e. Windows Media Player)

- Are you using any desktop spam filtering or any antivirus software that is scanning wav files?


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