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Digital Networking between two Unity 5


We have two Unity 5 systems integrated with the same AD forest (different child domains) and connected to different Call Manager clusters that use site codes to route call between.

One site uses 4 digits extension and the other uses 3 digits extensions, so they are unique and our plan was to use Digital Networking between two systems.

Two questions:

1. Is it possible to automatically prepend sitecodes when using Diretory Handler and Auto Addendant? In this case Unity will hand it over to Call Manager with site code prepended and Call Manager will be able to route the call.

How about message forwarding?

2. Two Unity 5 systems are geographically dispersed with about 200ms round trip latency.

Are there any implications on using Digital Networking in this case?




Re: Digital Networking between two Unity 5

When you digital network, it basically creates global subscriber table in each of your Unity servers. This table will have the extension or mailbox number of each unity server.

The record names are in the stream folder on each server for all global subscribers.

So when someone dials into the directory for either Unity server, it will lookup the name in the global directory, play the recorded name, and if chosen, transfer to the correct Unity server. But remember, the transfer is back to CUCM, CUCM has to connect the call. So yes, your dial plan comes into play.

The 200ms roundtrip time does not matter between Unity servers. Digital Networking really just some smoke and mirrors in the background on Active directory.

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Re: Digital Networking between two Unity 5

I see. Thinking about it I see that forwarding voicemails between those systems have nothing to do with site codes, so that will obviously work.

However, I still cannot see how Directory Handler and Auto Attendant are going to make it happen. Are both ot them handing the call back to Call Manager as "release to switch" to have the call delivered to a chosen subscriber on remote Unity system? If yes, then Unity will probably just take the extention from Global Subscriber table and those do not include any site code, so how can Call Manager make the call over ICT if no site codes had been passed?

If Unity does not release to switch, again, those site codes are no in Unity database, so how can Unity forward the call?

Any way I look at it, there needs to be a away to either pass the site code prefixes from Unity to Call Manager it it is "release to switch" approach or have Unity use those site codes by itself if the call forwarding is handled by Unity without releasing it to Call Manager.

What do you think?



Re: Digital Networking between two Unity 5

Depends on how you have your CUCM setup and the lines. How does one phone dial the other phone? Through Site Codes?

Unity Directory handler matches a name. If the name matches and it's local to the Unity server, it will pull up it's Transfer rule. (ring extension or go to greeting) If it's a remote Unity user, it will attempt to transfer. There are Digital Networking transfer rules that can apply. You could have the call transfer to a separate Pilot Number, which then entries the second Unity server, at that point, it will see it was a transfer with XXXX and it should apply the transfer rule, ring extension or play greeting.

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Re: Digital Networking between two Unity 5

Yes. The dialing between sites (UCM) is done using site codes and each Unity is setup with just local extensions.

I did see the Pilot Number option, however to my underdtanding it is used for cross-server logon and not Directory Handler or Auto Attendant. Am I not right? If so, is it really possible to use Directory Handler and Auto Attendant between Digitally Networked Unity system when dialing between locations requires site codes?



Re: Digital Networking between two Unity 5

the whole purpose of digital networking is so that 2 or more unity servers look to the end user like one.

The answer would be yes, if it is setup right you would not have to dial site codes.

I am sure you have seen dialing domain options. This makes more than one Unity server as one.

It has been a while since I did this but I am pretty sure. Anyone else want to ring in.


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