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****Direct Transfer to Voicemail Issue****

I have a customer configured direct transfer to voicemail using the following link:

When an external caller calls the operator x3011, the operator transfer the call to a subscriber's voicemail box (3190) directly; by pressing Transfer, dialing *23190, pressing Transfer. The external caller hears the greeting and leaves a voicemail.

Now in the subscriber's outlook inbox, he gets the voicemail, and it says it is from Operator x3011; and when hearing the voice message via TUI gets the option for Reply, when he presses 4 for reply, it goes to the operator at extension 3011.

{{{{To my understanding and testing in lab, this message should have been from the "Unified Messaging System" mailbox, and the subject should say "Message from <external_number>". When hear the message via TUI, it should not give me option to reply as the calling number is external.}}}}

There is a subscriber in Unity, and the operator is an Alternate Extension to that subscriber. However this should not matter, per my testing in lab.

Also, in Unity AvCsMgr log, I find this line which says that the call came from external caller.


2004-03-20 00:58:47,AvRepMgr_MC,30020,2004-03-20 00:58:47,ch_PBarman,3190,4,1,Unknown Caller,2143192787,2004-03-20 00:58:47,N/A,N/A,6009


Then why is unity associating the voicemail with the operator extension.

Thanks for any help,


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Re: ****Direct Transfer to Voicemail Issue****

I too am experiencing this behavior. If my receptionist transfers to my extension (5201) the phone rings 4 or 5 times, then the caller gets my voicemail - the voicemail correctly shows that the call came from the PSTN. If the receptionist transfers directly to my voicemail box (*5201 in my case) the called goes directly to my greeting, but the message shows as coming from the recptionist.

I would also like very much to fix this if possible.

--Thanks Brian

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Re: ****Direct Transfer to Voicemail Issue****

Try this:

Ask caller to hold.

Select the Transfer button or messages key.

Press #, wait a second, dial the extension number # 2.

Select the End Call button or hang-up to transfer the call to the personal greeting.

How to Transfer a Caller Directly into a Cisco Unity Mailbox

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Re: ****Direct Transfer to Voicemail Issue****

What version of Unity and TSP are you running?

This looks like it has been addressed in Cisco Unity 4.0(3) and TSP 7.0(3).



Re: ****Direct Transfer to Voicemail Issue****

Thanks cmcalpin, the customer has unity 4.0.2 and tsp 7.0.3. Looks like this bug is a very possible candidate here.

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