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Directory Handler Search

I have a Unity 4.03 Voicemail only server, integrated with CCM 3.3.3sr4a. When the customer searches for subscriber last name "Tellers", Unity wants more letters. There are 10 subs with last name "Tellers" (it's a bank) and the customer wants to know why it just doesn't list them. Also, why do you have to spell out "Tellers XX" when to find a regular sub, you can enter just a portion of the name. Is there a limit to last name partial-entry searches? If I spell out the entire sub name, ex. "DW Tellers", it will work.


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Re: Directory Handler Search

By default the name lookup handlers will only list up to 8 matches - if there are more than that they will ask you to get more specific on your name search. This limit only applies to the name lookup handler, the subscriber message addressing interface will, of course, list more than that.

this used to be adjustable on the SA on a per name lookup handler basis but somewhere along the line it was removed - I'm not entirely sure why. I'm rewriting the Audio Text Manager this week for the 4.0(4) release and I'm adding this onto that interface to make this easier.

You can set this directly in SQL if you'd like to bump it up. In the NameLookupHandler table there's a column called "MaxMatches" - it's set to "8" but you can bump it up to 10 or 20 or whatever - just be aware that listening to a long list of names get rattled off over the phone as an outside caller can be pretty annoying so don't go too wild with it - I wouldn't go past 20 if it were me.

You can change this in the SQL enterprise manager if you have it installed or you can use the Query Builder interface on CUDLE (which is in your tools depot) by issuing this query:

"UPDATE NameLookupHandler SET MaxMatches='12'"

That will update all name lookup handlers on the system - you can sticka WHERE clause in there if you want to be more specific.

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