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directory handler use a "subscriber licence" ?

I'm using Unity as a corporate directory in my corporation autoattendant(via IPCX) instead of the one in IPCX. All is working great, but I realize that the configured DN for my corporate directory (a directory handler) use a subscriber licence, like a real UM voice box. Is it normal ? The only thing that I do with this DN is a directory handler, this DN is not associate with a ActiveDirectory user, only with a AD contact.

Thank to help me if you can !

Cisco Employee

Re: directory handler use a "subscriber licence" ?

Not sure I understand here - the directory handler shouldn't use a license and I haven't heard of any bugs along these lines. There were some issues with internet subscribers (SMTP users) in previous versions (CSCdy13016 and CSCdx55460 among others) so depending on your Unity version you may be seeing something like that I suppose.

Let us know what version you're at and how you're determining that it's the directory handler that's using the license - if that's that's not the case, can you clarify?

New Member

Re: directory handler use a "subscriber licence" ?

I'm using Unity 4.0(5) in a UM with Exchange 2003.

Profile (of the DN that I use onlu for directory handler)

Subscriber Type -- Internet (no Exchange message store)

Extension: 1771

Exchange Information

Alias: _ToIpDir_en

Internet Subscriber Information

SMTP address:

License Counts


Licensed seats for: Total Used Unused

Subscriber Mailboxes 35 32 3

Cisco Unity Inbox Subscribers 15 0 15

Secondary Server - 0 -

Unified Messaging Subscribers 35 - -

Cisco Employee

Re: directory handler use a "subscriber licence" ?

So you're saying you have 32 internet subscribers on that box and nothing else (i.e. no "regular" subscribers)?

You have to have at least one regular subscriber (EAdmin) unless you've gone through special steps to remove it.

If not, what are these numbers telling me?

New Member

Re: directory handler use a "subscriber licence" ?

I have actually 32 subscriber license used. 30 employees + 2 directory handler.

I want to know, if it's normal that my 2 directory handler used a licence like a normal subscriber (a normal subcriber for me, is a subcriber in UM with exchange)

Cisco Employee

Re: directory handler use a "subscriber licence" ?

I kind of doubt the directory handlers are using the license in question - no, it is obviously not supposed to do that as they are not licensed objects. Call handlers, interviewers, directory handlers should all be unlimited on the box.

Remember, there's at least 1 license for the default Example Administrator and there used to be one use for Example Subscriber on earlier versions - I'd need to take a look at your DB to get a count but I'm guessing you're using licenses elsewhere.

If you create a couple more directory handlers as a test, what happens? It shouldn't affect anything at all.

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