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DiRT backup multiple integrations Unity 7.0

Using Unity 7.0(2), VM only, Exch 2003 on-box, and three phone integrations : CUCM + two phone integrations with PIMG. When I use DiRT to back up the configuration, only the first two phone integrations get backed up, the second PIMG integration goes missing. And so I end up with many subscriber configs pointing to a non-existing phone integration. Is there a limit to the number of phone integrations DiRT will back up ? Do I need to do anything special to ensure DiRT takes the phone integrations into account for backing up ?

Cisco Employee

Re: DiRT backup multiple integrations Unity 7.0

DiRT doesn't backup the phone system integration information - it dumps the switch config files out in case you need to review them but the switch IDs for users are preserved (i.e. 0, 1 ,2) - the switch information itself (which can and often does change between backup and restore) is not touched. You must configure the switch integrations you want on your system and use the switch config utility in the tools depot on your desktop to assign users and handlers to the appropriate switches if you've got more than one switch typically. With just one everyone is assigned to ID 0 and it doesn't matter - if you have more than one the IDs may not match up between your backed up system and the restored system so it's best to build the switch config from scratch after restore.

As a side note - COBRAS explicitly asks you to map old switch Ids to new switch assignments during restore so you can avoid this type of thing in a multiple switch integration setup.

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Re: DiRT backup multiple integrations Unity 7.0

I can see now that the integration ID of the various integrations indeed requires attention, thanks. But in the "Unity Disaster Recovery Backup" window, when running DiRT backup, there is an item "Backing up switch configuration files" in the "Progress" section.

When I look at the log file of the operation, I see the first two switch integrations (CUCM and the first set of PIMGs to a first MD110) being backed up but not the third one (second set of PIMGs to a second MD110).

I feel I'm going to have a hard time explaining this "works as designed" to the customer, who is the European Parliament - any official doc I can point to which elucidates this ?

Cisco Employee

Re: DiRT backup multiple integrations Unity 7.0

From the help file for DiRT:

NOTE: While switch configuration information stored in the switch.INI files is saved, it is not restored onto the system. The data is in the original backed up files in case TAC needs to get to it. Since switch configuration can and does change between back up and restore (i.e. when moving systems) the local switch configuration needs to be configured and will not be restored. UTIM configuration data stored in the database is NOT backed up or restored.

that same statement shows up under both the "what data is backed up" and "what data is not backed up" sections. not sure if that cuts it as a nofficial document for your customer but that's how it's designed from day one. Again, COBRAS has a different apporach and does the switch mapping for you on restore with some additional info provided by you when you run the restore wizard.

Re: DiRT backup multiple integrations Unity 7.0

yes, what Jeff said is correct. I had a DR server we were testing and using DIRT to restore, we couldnt figure out for the life of us why only half the subscribers were going to the correct switch ID. When you spit out the Telephony integration report, you see what the IDS are showing in the database. If the exported system is 0 and 1 and the imported system are 1 and 2, then there is your issue.

On the imported, adjust the IDs so they match the exported system and the DIRT restore should work fine.

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