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Dirt cannot Backup Mailboxes


I created a User which have the permissions to backup the Mailboxes.

At the Backup I get the following errors in exmerge(thread1).log:

[12:48:03] (Thread1) processing the range of mailboxes from 'Ensminger, Tobias' to 'Scholz, Michael' (index 44 to 87)

[12:48:03] Using locale 0x409 and code page 1252 to connect to mailbox

[12:48:03] Copying data from mailbox 'Ensminger, Tobias' ('TEnsminger') on Server 'PF-VOICEMAIL' to file 'D:\BACKUP\MESSAGES\TENSMINGER.PST'.

[12:48:03] Successfully initialized MAPI.

[12:48:04] Successfully created profile.

[12:48:04] Successfully initialized MAPI.

[12:48:04] MAPI Logon successful.

[12:48:04] Store 'MSPST MS' was not opened.

[12:48:04] Errors encountered. Copy process aborted for mailbox 'Ensminger, Tobias' ('TEnsminger').

[12:48:04] Using locale 0x409 and code page 1252 to connect to mailbox

Thanks for your help Achim

Cisco Employee

Re: Dirt cannot Backup Mailboxes

My first guess is that account doesn't actually have full access to the mailbox in question - %99.999 of the time that's the case.

To be clear, this is ExMerge logs you're looking at, DiRT has nothing to do with this - it launches ExMerge and then steps out of the picture. So your next move is to run ExMerge stand alone and flip the LoggingLevel flag in the EXMERGE.INI file to "3" (for maximum) - you'll find this in \Program Files\ExChsvr\Bin\. Edit the INI file and then EXMERGE.EXE from that directory and walk through the graphical interface it provides. You'll get the same failures but with more details about what's failing.

You'll have to run it down from there - the vast majority of the time it's a mailstore rights issue. More often than not folks create a fresh account and assign it just the mailstore rights it needs and they have better luck - MS has locked down mailstore access for members of various DLs with their patches over the last couple years that burns folks fairly regularly.

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