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DIRT for Unity 4.(0)2 and exchange 5.5


I am trying to rebuilt a box with the following configuration:

Unity 4.0(2)

exchange 5.5

This reason I am rebuilding the box is because the old box is running out of disk space and is very old.

I want to use DIRT to back up Unity and then restore onto a new box.

I get confussed when i read unity doc on CCO, it says that cisco does not support exchange 5.5 with new installation of unity 4.0(2).

Has anyone ever done this before? will it work?

Cisco Employee

Re: DIRT for Unity 4.(0)2 and exchange 5.5

New install of Unity 4.0(2) requires exchange 2000 onbox. I think that the reason that you have exchange 5.5 is because you had upgraded from unity 3.(x).

In any case, if you have the install cds for Voicemail-only Unity 4.0(2), then you will also have Message Store 2000 disks. On the new server, you will build it with exchange 2000, and DiRT Restore will work just fine.

Community Member

Re: DIRT for Unity 4.(0)2 and exchange 5.5

I have already installed exchage 5.5 and rebuilt unity. would that be a problem????? Would i run into issues if i went forward with exchange 5.5 as the data restore ( remember i am replacing hardware, and would be restoring data on the new box from the old box). Yes we did do an updated from 3.x and that is why we have exchange 5.5 as the data store.

How will i migrate data from exchange 5.5 to exchange 2000 when i use DIRT. Is the migration complicated.

It is voice mail only.


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