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DiRT restore using on-box Exchange


I used the DiRT backup and DiRT restore process to move users from an old Unity server to a new Unity server. The two servers were in the same AD domain, so during the restore process DiRT found the existing users in Exchange on the old server and used that mailstore.

I would now like to migrate the mailstore from Exchange on the old server to Exchange on the new server.

What's the best way to accomplish that?

Thanks - Rob.

Cisco Employee

Re: DiRT restore using on-box Exchange

So you want to map the subscribers to different mail accounts that already exist that have different aliases? If so, DiRT offers an alias mapping function that will change the old aliases to the new ones such that during restore it will map to the new mailboxes.

Youc an also use migrate subscriber data to move subscriber information from one mail account (on your old Exchange mailstore) to a new mail account (on your new mail server) - you can find this tool on its home page here:

If you want to just move mail accounts between mailstores, that's an exchange function and Unity wont care - the Id to open the user's mailbox wont change in that case. There will be a small delay the first time you call in to check messages after they've been moved but after that it should all be fine.

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Re: DiRT restore using on-box Exchange

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the reply. I believe all I want to do is move the actual mailboxes. I moved users from an older MCS server running Unity 4.0.5 (vm only, on-box Exchange) to a newer, more powerful MCS server running Unity 4.0.5 (vm only, on-box Exchange).

I did not change anything (including Exchange aliases) during the move. I didn't fully realize how effective DiRT was looking for existing aliases. In my SqlSync log I received many messages such as:

Sun Jun 04 09:17:50.902 Synking Mailuser JLeClair \DbSync.cpp (line 714)


Sun Jun 04 09:17:52.42 Found Object in Domain \ConnectorClientBase.cpp (line 238)

So I believe what happened was that DiRT successfully moved the Unity database (users, recorded names, call handlers, etc., etc.) to the new server, but - since it found existing aliases - left the actual mailboxes/mailstore on the old server.

When I log on to Unity admin on the new server I can find all my users and it states their Exchange server is the old server.

If I do a simple Exchange mailbox move (not changing any aliases, etc.) from the old server to the new server, will Unity automatically find the new mailbox store on the new server?

Thanks - Rob.

Cisco Employee

Re: DiRT restore using on-box Exchange

Yes - rehoming mailboxes from one Exchange mailstore to another is handled - Unity references users by their AD GUID and then ask AD to cough up the mailbox handle - we cache this since it's a pinch slow for real time logins but when we go to log into a mailbox we have cached and it's not there, we go back to aD and ask "where is it"and get a new handle - this accounts for the small delay I mentioned when doing this the first time after the mailbox has been rehomed. AFter that it should be snappy again since the cached handled to the mailbox will be valid again.

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