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I have a primary/secondary set of Unity servers. Because of some issues the active server has been the secondary server for about two weeks.

The Streamfile directory is being replicated properly between the secondary and primary. However, the secondary server has about 100 more subscribers in the Subscriber table than the primary. We have brought up a few sites in the past two weeks so obviously those new subscribers have not been replicated back to the Primary. According to TAC we cannot force a replication from secondary to primary (only vice versa)

TAC wants us to take the following steps to rectify our db sync issues: (Unity 4.0(5) and Exchange 2000)

1. On both the primary and secondary delete the SQL registration in SQL Enterprise Manager (local is the only one that exists) and add both the primary and secondary server registrations using the hostname.

2. Re-run the failover wizard on primary and secondary.

The problem I have is that if I do that, when I run the failover wizard on the primary/secondary again it will drop the database on the secondary server and I will lose those users.

What I "think" I should do is do step 1 above, and then before I run the failover wizard again, do a DirT backup on the secondary, and then do a /dirtyrestore on the primary.

This will ensure the Primary has all the subscribers, call handlers, settings, greetings, etc.

I am supposed to do this at 12 a.m. CST tonight :) so if anyone out there sees anything wrong here please advise.




Re: dirtyrestore

When running DirT Restore, It stops at restoring UnityDB and an error message says that it cannot gain exclusive access to SQL. Please kill open process accessing SQL and continue.

There are no backups running, all Unity services are stopped, i stopped IIS, and any services I can think of that might access SQL.

I rebooted, all services are set to manual, and still same thing.


Re: dirtyrestore

stopped SQL Server Agent service and I was able to continue...whew!


Re: dirtyrestore

Well...completed this process (including the /dirtyrestore) and all is well.

So I guess I made the right call :)

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