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Disabling deleting emails from the phone

Hello there,

Is it possible to disable the ability to delete Emails from the phone?

We have unity 4.05 here and alot of our users are near the storage limit where they are prompted that their mailbox is close to being full.

Since they are always at this level they are always prompted from Unity if they want to Delete items.

Can this function be turned off in Unity?


Cisco Employee

Re: Disabling deleting emails from the phone

It sounds like you're asking if subscribers can be restricted from deleting non voice mail messages from the deleted items folder over the phone in bulk - yes, you can make sure this doesn't happen. In the Advanced Settings Tool you can look at the "Conversation - Set how deleted messages are deleted in bulk (Exchange Only)" for this - you can configure it so only voice mail messages are purged from the deleted items folder.

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Re: Disabling deleting emails from the phone

what about turning off the prompt " your mailbox is almost full", as users at this site are always riding the exchange mailbox limits and dont want to hear this.

We currently have the full mailbox check features cranked up for external callers but this request is for the subscribers when they dial into vm - they dont want to hear the mailbox full prompt...Thanks.

Cisco Employee

Re: Disabling deleting emails from the phone

No, there's no way to turn this off.

Unity must restpect the limits for sending and sending/receiving (we have no choice - Exchange will cut us off at the knees regardless). Users need to know they can't send messages and/or they are not receiving messages due to limits on the mailbox. As such there's no way to turn the warning off - you can skip through the warning with a key press if you ahven't passed limit 2 or limit 1.

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Re: Disabling deleting emails from the phone

that is pretty well what I told the customer,checks and balances and all part of the UM integration with exchange - but not sure exactly what you mean by skipping through the message - do you mean the user hitting the # key or another means? thanks again.

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Re: Disabling deleting emails from the phone


I'm with a customer now who is making this same request - as a new system the perception is that this message is a symptom of a problem with Unity; obviously we know better but it's seen as a negative by the customer.

I'd suggest it would be nice to have a setting to disable this check; users are notified via Outlook daily when near or in excess of a limit... being prompted by Unity over and over every time they log in is more painful.

Another problem is that the message gives option to delete messages; and even if allowed to delete emails and voicemails this doesn't necessarily bring the mailbox under limit - hence the users perceive the message being repeated even after taking the suggested action as the system 'not working'.

Any chance you could point me to the prompt so we can re-record a custom prompt for this check in lieue of being able to disable it?



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