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Disaster Recovery Backups

Consider the following scenario, a backup begins on the Cisco Unity Connection 7.x messages store at 00:00 hundred hours and normally takes 30 mins to complete.  At about 15 mins into the the backup several new voice messages come into the system and are now additional wav files in the message store.  Since the DRF backup is still ongoing at this point will it backup these additional messages?  Now recall these messages were not there at the start of the messaging backup and if there's some sort of tagging of what needs to be backed up at the start then it would make sense that these new messages will not be part of that particular backup.  So to recap will DRF backup new messages after it has started on the message store?


Re: Disaster Recovery Backups


The answer to your question is no.  DRS does not backup new messages after it has started backup up the mailstore.  Those messages, if not deleted, would be backed up in the next scheduled backup.  This is because each mailbox store is automatically disabled by DRS while it is being backed up.  While the mailstore is disabled, new messages for users with mailboxes homed to that store are queued for delivery when the message store is re-enabled (i.e., the backup is complete).


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Re: Disaster Recovery Backups

Thank you this makes a lot of sense.

Re: Disaster Recovery Backups

Anytime, my friend.  Glad to be of assistance.

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