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Disaster Recovery System UCM 7.0 Fail SFTP

Hello, can any help me?

I have this issue when a try to make a new backup:

Error - unable to access sftp server, stdErr: Unable to access SFTP server or SFTP server too slow to respond.Please make sure the login credentials and path are correct.

The datas is correct but, looking the log traces I see this:

Executing Maverick SFTP put command for: User: lab_lsantos HostName: from source :/common/drf/dUmmI_Drf to detination : /dUmmI_Drf

Is it possible create :/xxx in plataform intel, with Windows?



Re: Disaster Recovery System UCM 7.0 Fail SFTP

If you failed to access SFTP from CUCM, 99.99999% chance the problem is on SFTP other than CUCM.

To test your SFTP, I'd recommend you use a SFTP client (like this one:

Also, have a little bit knowledge on directory/sub-directory would help you troubleshoot the problem as well.

For example, could you tell the difference of the following paths?

1) /

2) \

3) .

4) ./


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Re: Disaster Recovery System UCM 7.0 Fail SFTP

Tnx Michael,

but I really dont know if is the diference between the OS client e server, because one is Linux and other one is Windows. In WXP the directory/sub-directory slash is "\" and Linux is "/".

Is it the problem, in your oppinion?

Tnx a lot


Re: Disaster Recovery System UCM 7.0 Fail SFTP

For most of the SFTP servers, "/" and "\" are the same. But depending on the server, "/" and "./" could be different.

For example, SFTP servers on Windows usually treat "/" as "SFTP root". But SFTP servers on Linux usually treat "/" as system root. If the login account does not have permission on system root, that could cause problem.

Here are some recommendations:

1) Use FreeFTPd for testing. Because it's freeware and widely used (and proven to work with CUCM).

2) Use "." or "./" as the path in CUCM DRS configuration. "." and "./" means "current directory" or "user's directory".

3) Test SFTP server with SFTP client to verify connectivity and permission. I'd recommend you use a command line client. So you are fully aware what path you're in. Test commands include:





Hope this helps.


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ran into similar issue where

ran into similar issue where all components restored good except CAR/CDR, the way i got away from this is i restored all of them and let CDR/CAR failed, then i ran another restore and only restored CAR/CDR and it succeeded

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