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Dissociate an end user with the primary device

I need to "Enable Mobily" for a new hire and I need to select his phone as the primary device. However, I run into this error: "Update failed. Device is already associated with another End User as Primary device"

Is there a way to dissociate the old end user with the primary device? As a last report solution, do you think that by deleting the phone off the CUCM, it will fix the issue when I add the phone back to CUCM?


Many thanks!




This means that the physical

This means that the physical phone is assigned to another user for Mobility. You could hunt down the other user or deleting/recreating the phone will do it as well.

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Thank you George for your

Thank you George for your prompt response. :) 

How would you "hunt down the other user" in order to make sure the phone is not associated with that particular user. We have about 3000 phones.


I checked the phone settings under "Device" - "Phone" and there is no user under "Owner User ID". Although, I think that this field "Owner User ID" is not connected in any way  to Extension Mobility.





Check the dependency record

Check the dependency record for your phone, I am not quite sure if it will show though (dont have a pre 9.x cluster in front of me). I would say deleting is your best bet. Good luck!

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