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Distribution List and MWI

Unity 4.2.1. Hoping someone can answer this as I think its fairly easy.

The scenario?. I have 6 phones, all with the same single line that is a shared line appearance across each of the 6 phones. (No other lines on the phone). I then created a generic Unity subscriber and assigned it the DN of this shared line.

The goal? I am trying to get voice mail messages left on the generic subscriber account to then get forwarded to about 10 different email accounts. Easy enough for the most part?I created a call handler that I transfer to after the generic subscriber accounts greeting. The call handler takes the message, than uses a public distribution list as the message recipient for those 10 email users.

This works in as far as the users in the DL get the email (wav file attachment), however the MWI light on the phone does come on, nor can the people can't check the messages on the phone. It says there are no new messages.

How can I keep the DL, and have the light on the phone light as well as be able to check messages from the phone.

Thanks all in advance.

Cisco Employee

Re: Distribution List and MWI

So are the members of the DL Unity subscribers? Is their MWI extension set to light that phone? I'm a little confused about what you have going on here.

The MWI functionality is tied to Unity monitoring th emailbox of a registered Unity subscriber - so if the subscriber you have setup to light that phone's MWI is a member of the DL then messages left for the DL should turn the light on. The fact that the message is getting there via a DL is not important - Unity makes no distinction between the source or route of the message arriving into the inbox. If it's a voice mail message then the MWI will trigger.

If you hare having difficulty with the MWI coming on, it's likely a configuration issue between Unity and the switch. Just leave voice mails directly for the suscriber configured to light that phone's MWI and test from there - the call handler and DL setup here are not related to any of that.

Re: Distribution List and MWI

Hi -

Here is what I would do in this case:

Instead of using a call handler to send the message to a DL, send the voice message to the generic subscriber's mailbox. On the Exchange General tab of the mailbox, Delivery Options, specify the option in the Forwarding Address section, "Deliver messages to both forwarding address and mailbox" and select the DL in the Forward to: field. That way, the MWI will trigger on the phones. Members in the DL will still get their own copy of the voice message. They will have to press the MESSAGES button on the phone and enter the vm password of the generic subscriber to clean out the messages from the mailbox. Make sure the IP phone shared DNs have a voicemail profile selected.


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Re: Distribution List and MWI

Thank You. This is a good workaround if for some reason I can't resolve it in Unity. I'd rather keep this all local to Unity, otherwise, I'd have to bring in my email administrator to make the above changes and maitain. I think the last post gave me a lead on how to resolve. Thanks again for the reply.

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Re: Distribution List and MWI

Thanks for your reply. The members of the DL are NOT configured as Unity subscribers, just normal email users.

From your response, I think the problem might be that I don't have the the generic Unity subscriber, which is the only Unity subscriber in this case, in my DL. Right after the generic subscribers greeting, I send this to the call handler which takes the message and uses the DL as the recipient. With Unity monitoring the generic subscribers mailbox, its not seeing a message since he's not in the DL. I'll try adding that subscriber to the DL and see if that works. Thanks again.

Re: Distribution List and MWI

Hi -You are most welcome! I agree with your assessment the generic subscriber mailbox is not in the DL. The Unity services that trigger MWI need to inspect the mailbox to see that a new voice message has arrived.

Best wishes, Ginger

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