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DL320-G6 with CER

It looks like HP convinced the customer to buy this server even thought it is unsupported....are there any tricks to getting these servers to work with linux based CER 7.0(3a) OS??? thanks.

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Re: DL320-G6 with CER

If it's not supported by Cisco, you'd better not to try that.

But if you really want to try, here are some options:

1) Modify the hardware check script on the installation DVD.

2) Install VMWare (ESX) on G6.  Then install CER on VM.


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Re: DL320-G6 with CER


   Thank you for a quick response.  We have tried putting the CER on VM and we were having issues (it would load on VM fine and we could log into the AAI but then we could not get into the webpage).  It was acting very strangely, so we will not be going down that path again.

Now we have another older HP DL380 - G3 server (non-Cisco) with dual 3.2Ghz processors....72gigs of HD RAID 0, and 12 gigs of RAM.  The install disk starts correctly and gets to the Hardware check and then fails saying:

something like current hardware: G3   ...expected G5....and it lists this 5 times in a row sometimes saying G5p instead of G5.

This is interesting as the CER Release Notes pdf for version 7.0(3a) attached says this server chasis should work.  The BIOS is from 2004 so I am not sure if that would be an issue.  Also in the pdf it notes a 3.06Ghz speed processor which is slower than our 3.2Ghz.  That may also be an issue.

So my question to you Michael is do have any instructions for modifying the installation DVD? and installing?

I have got a TAC case going now.  I am waiting for an engineer.  I'll reply with an outcome when I get a resolution.



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Re: DL320-G6 with CER

Did you ever get this figured out?

My engineer just ordered two of these servers for CER, and my install disk, won't see the hard drive or DVD rom for the installtion.


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