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Domain Level - Grant Unity Access?

Is there anyway to GrantUnityAccess to a domain level account for all of the Unity servers in a domain? As far as I know there is no way to do this but this would be a great enhancement to this product, especially for people who support many unity servers, would definitely save the admin time of adding/removing access on a server by server basis. Any possibility of something like this ever coming down the pipe?

Community Member

Re: Domain Level - Grant Unity Access?

I realize that a PER is the way to do get these things done, but I just cannot pass up this opportunity!

A GUI interface to the GrantUnityAccess utility would be another great enhancement.

In our environment we maintain 150+ extra, largely unnecessary, Unity UM licenses for assistants to executives who only need to access the executives' VM accounts. Managing the assistants' permissions to the executive's mailboxes using GrantUnityAccess' CLI is nearly impossible as these folks come and go from the organization.

The extra UM licenses actually cost us less than managing via GrantUnityAccess would. They allow us set up phony Unity accounts with bogus phone extensions that nobody covers to. We can then manage the permissions from within Active Directory.

Cisco Employee

Re: Domain Level - Grant Unity Access?

Such a graphical tool already exists - it's not TAC supported but has been out there a while - check it out here:

see if that helps.

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