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Dual Integration and TRAP

I am configuring a dual integration to a ROLM 9751 via PIMG and am having an odd problem regarding TRAP. From Unity I want to play to an IP Phone but when I click on media master controls to play or record I get the following message: “No ports on the voice server are available for outgoing calls.” This is not the case however. The UTIM has the PIMG integration configured first and the CallManager second. I have several ports on the CallManager side enabled for TRAP but none on the PIMG side. When I enable a port on the PIMG for TRAP the call attempt is made but the phone is not a phone on the PIMG/Rolm side… it is an IP Phone.

Any idea what is happening? Why won’t the TRAPs point out the second/CallManager integration? How does Unity know which switch to send a TRAP to? Is it always the first integration that it points to?


I ended up opening a TAC case for this and have the answer:

TRAP can only point to one integration. You can change which integration it is pointing to by going to the Unity DB in SQL enterprise manager and changing the following: Locate the “Installer” alias and verify that the the SwitchID is 0 (the first integration). If you want it to point to the second integration change it to 1 and exit. Restart Unity and it should now work.

Cisco Employee

Re: Dual Integration and TRAP

Each subscriber is associated with an integration. In the SA, this is shown as the Switch field on the Subscriber's Profile page. The TRaP dialout should follow whatever switch setting goes with the Subscriber that you are logged in as.

If you're accessing Unity as the Installer, that's somewhat of a special case. The Installer won't show up in the SA so there is no easy way to change the associated switch for this guy.


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