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Dual Integreation

In a dual integration, if we have a referal extension set up in a Unity CallHandler, how does Unity know whether to send the call out via the CallManager or via the PIMG to the legacy pbx? Also, in a dual intergration, I'm assuming that with the integration I will reduce my CallManager ports by 8 (& increased by PIMG ports by 8) as I bring in a new PIMG

Cisco Employee

Re: Dual Integreation

Outbound calls (TRaP or Notification) are placed according the SwitchID of the associated subscriber. If a subscriber is asociated with the PIMG integration then Unity will look for an available port on the PIMG to place the call.

I'm not sure what you mean by "referal extension". Are you talking about transfers? If so, transfers take place on whatever port the call came in on. For example, if a call comes in on a PIMG port and reaches a CallHandler set to transfer to an extension, then that PIMG port will be used to transfer the call. We can't hardly use a CCM port to transfer a call which doesn't exist in CCM.

For your second question, licensing is for the total number of ports. So if you're licensed for 16 ports then 8 CCM ports plus 8 PIMG ports would use all of your license. Is that what you were asking or did I miss your question?



Re: Dual Integreation

For the referal or "transfer" I think it was what you are doing... for instance, a call came in to an extension, rang 4 times, hit the PIMG, then Unity. Unty plays the VM, user hits 0 for the operator, Unity is going to transfer it back the way it came in, through the PIMG. Same goes for CCM.

If you have 16 ports for Unity, you can divide it by 8 on PIMG and 8 on CCM.


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