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Duplicate entries in Unity 4.0 Global Subscriber List

Last week, I had a user tell me that something strange happened when she tried to forward a VM message to another subscriber. When she entered in the extension she wanted to forward the message to, she heard a message informing her that the extension she entered was associated with two different subscribers. Unity then prompted her to choose between two options, both of which were the same subscriber.

I checked Unity system admin and only found one subscriber for this particular extension. I also checked Active Directory and I only found one profile for the subscriber. Finally I checked the Global Subscriber List and that's where I found the duplicate entry. The two duplicate entries are exactly the same, but I have no idea how or why the duplicate was created.

As I looked through the Global Subscriber List, I started noticing there were quite a large number of subscribers with duplicate entries in there, probably one out of every five is duplicated. Most of the duplicates were carbon copies of each other, but some were slightly different. The duplicates that were slightly different shared the same alias, but had different Display Names, and DTMF Access ID's. For these specific entries, it almost looks like someone updated the Display Name and/or the DTMF Access ID, but for whatever reason, instead of updating the Global Subscriber entry, Unity decided just to create a new one with the same alias and the new Display Name or DTMF.

We have three Unity 4.0(4) SR1 servers in three different locations, and this problem is only happening in one of the locations. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Duplicate entries in Unity 4.0 Global Subscriber List

I am hoping someone can tell me how to delete all of the duplicate entries in one fell swoop, but if anybody knows how to delete a single Global Subscriber List entry *without* deleting the associated subscriber completely from Unity, I would also like to know that.

Thanks again.


Re: Duplicate entries in Unity 4.0 Global Subscriber List

dbwalker will do that. You need to run it once first to get the errors. It will then tell you what to do to fix it.


Re: Duplicate entries in Unity 4.0 Global Subscriber List

..............or dbwalker.... damn.. always forget the easy one!

Re: Duplicate entries in Unity 4.0 Global Subscriber List

Something happened in the replication between AD and your Unity server somewhere. The SQL database is going to pull that information down from AD based upon the Locations entry in AD and associate the subscriber to the Location ID. I'd probably open a TAC case, but if you want try to fix it, you can probably do the following without much harm.

Break Digital Networking. Basically remove it all from each system. Run the DC/GC reconnect tool to synchronize everything in each domain/Unity server. Hopefully Unity will clean this out then. Be patient, it takes 15-30 minutes for this to get cleaned out of the systems. I have even left these over night depending on the AD domains and replication times in Sites/Services.

Rebuild Digital Networking with a new Dialing Domain Name. Hopefuly this will place everyone as new in the SQL database on each Unity server.

Another test for replication, create a new Dialing Domain Name. See if these replicates through the Unity sytems via AD. This will again take 15-30 minutes depending on the domain and Unity. Anything you do with Digital Networking takes time. If you rush it, it will never work. (even forcing it sometimes does not work, have to wait it out)

TAC could possibly clean up those tables. Im assuming they would break Digital Networking on each server, replicate, then go to each SQL server, delete the Global Subscribers entries so it's clean. Recreate Digital Networking, wait for replication to happen.


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