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ELM issue

Hi All,

I was trying to install jabber for android and later I noticed that after I created that, in the ELM it says insufficient licenses for CUWL and Enhanced Licenses. We only have basic and essential licenses installed. Also in the CUCM, it prompts me for.

"The system is operating with an insufficient number of licenses. If  additional licenses to cover the shortage are not configured in your  Enterprise License Manager within 58 days, you will no longer be able to  provision users and devices.

I used the below procedure to install jabber.

I have deleted the phone and the SIP profile that I created for configuring Jabber, but still it says insufficient licenses in ELM.

Please lep me in getting rid of this message.


Community Member

Re: ELM issue

The ELM only synchronizes with Call Manager once every 24 hours, this is why you are not seeing your changes yet in ELM.

To force an immediate resync

In Call Manager

System > Licensing > License Useage Report > Update Useage Details

Then in ELM

Monitoring > License Useage > Synchronize Now

FYI, the License Useage Report in Call Manager is a great way to see who/what is using the licenses.  There are links to the right of each license type that will list every device/user that is using that type of license.

Also FYI, that license error is there to give you time to become compliant.  The system is unaffected until the time runs out, at which time you are unable to edit some of the fields in Call Manager, but the system continues to run like normal.

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