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Emails on Phone

I have Call Manager 4.1.3 SR4d and Unity 4.2(1) with Unity running in unified messaging mode (off box).

I have two users that are experiencing a strange issue. When they go to check their voicemails on their phones, Unity tells them that they have hundreds of messages, but that it is unable to retrieve them.

When I look in their Exchange mailboxes, their are no voicemails, on standard emails. It looks like Unity is interpreting all messages in the mailbox as voicemail messages, but when it tries to play them to the user, it doesn't know how.

How do I turn off this behavior?

Cisco Employee

Re: Emails on Phone

Couple things here - the exact wording of what they're hearing is important here - I don't think we have any prompts that say we're unable to "retrieve" messages - it's either unable to spin up a TTS session or rights to the mailbox are such that we're being under cut (i.e. a virus protection app). Or it could be that the subscribers are configured for UM (access to emails) but there are not available TTS sessions or the TTS service is not running properly.

First, if you want them not to hear about emails, you can change the COS those subscribers are associated with and remove that feature (on the "Features" page in the COS they're assigned to) - you can create a new COS without this for just them if you want to test.

Second, if you're getting a message such as "Unable to play this message" or the like, there should be errors and/or warnings in the application event log indicating what happened when we tried (no licenses available, service not running, failure to gain access to the message body etc...) - so check the application event log for those which might give a clue as to root cause.

New Member

Re: Emails on Phone

The users that were having the issue were in a COS that had TTS enabled. I moved the users to a different COS and the issue is resolved.

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