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New Member

Empty Private Lists after DiRT restore on Unity 4.2.1

Just DiRT restored two 4.2.1 Unity servers to new hardware that are networked together.

Unity A <------digital networking------> Unity B

The old hardware and Unity servers are still around for stare and compare purposes.

The logs from the restore look good (per me and TAC) and there are no other issues than this one: Unity A subscriber Private Lists show Unity A Subscribers, but not Unity B Subscribers. Everything else about the Private lists looks normal, name wav files etc…

I can build the lists without a problem so it isn't like Unity A can pull the subscribers off Unity B.

Stare and compare reveals that the PersonalDlist table and PersonalDlistMember tables in SQL seems to have all the same info in it on the old and new servers.

I have done DCGC reconnects on DC and GC on both servers as well as stopping and starting Unity on both servers after. No luck so far.

I don't think this is important, but the original Unity servers were upgraded from 4.0.4 sr1 a few months ago.

Anyone have any ideas?

Cisco Employee

Re: Empty Private Lists after DiRT restore on Unity 4.2.1

The DiRT restore just drops the member table back on and does not do post processing on them - my best guess would be the users on the other server get updated ObjectID values that don't trigger changes in the local private list table (i.e. if you change the ObjectID of a local subcribers, it's references will update on the fly - not the case for a remote user). I'm not entirely sure how you'd rebuild this automatically after a restore, come to think of it - you may or may not be restoring into the same directory and the private list references don't go to directory objects - you'd have to create a temporary copy of the global subscriber table and then "map" old object IDs to the new ones after the directory synch was finished - pretty involved...

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