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ephone hunt should go to Original called party Voicemail

I have setup an ephone hunt group in CME 7.x where these five extension  numbers if busy/NA forwards calls to another number which then forwards  to a company wide Hunt group (some 19 extensions in there) which has  final number as Voicemail Pilot 8000.

I was under the impression that if a call comes in and hit 2904,if it is  busy/NA whatever, it forwards to Operator x2920, if she is busy/NA then  it goes to company wide hunt x3501. If none of them answers or hops  exhausts then I have got final number as 8000 in there so I thought it  will go to voicemail of 2904. It is not doing that.

How can I get to Original called party voicemail after all hunting?

ephone-dn  1  octo-line
  number 2904
  pickup-group 1
  label Joe Bloggs (2904)
  description 2904
  name Joe Bloggs
  call-forward busy 2920
  call-forward noan 2920 timeout 10
  corlist incoming User-international


ephone-dn  17  octo-line
  number 2920
  pickup-group 1
   name Nicky Wise
  call-forward busy 3501
  call-forward noan 3501 timeout 10
  corlist incoming User-international

Main Hunt group:

ephone-hunt 2 peer
pilot 3501
list  2904, 2905, 2906, 2907, 2908, 2909, 2910, 2911, 2912, 2913, 2914,
2915, 2916, 2917, 2918, 2919, 2922, 2924, 2925, 2927, 2932, 2933, 2934,2935, 2936, 2937,2892, 2895, 2893, 2894
hops 15
timeout 9
final 8000   <<<<<<<<<<<Voicemail Pilot
preference 1

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Re: ephone hunt should go to Original called party Voicemail

Hi Asharsidd,

You could try this setting in CUE;

**Mailbox selection (OCN or LRD) in your case use OCN

This configurable option specifies the mailbox to be used in case of call forward.

Mailbox selection: Mailbox in which an incoming voice message is stored. The options are original called number (OCN) or the last redirected number (LRD). LRD is the default option

Check out Page 88 of this good doc;

Hope this helps!


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