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Error 1032 CiscoUnity_Notifier

I have the following setup. Unity 4.0(4) sr1 with ES's 58, 69 & 81 loaded. Box is VMO, dual integrated between CCM and an Option 81 and is running on Win 2K with an off box Exchange 2K server.

The following MWI issue has been reported to me:

1) User at ext 48377 reporting that MWI is not working properly.

2) When I attempt to refresh MWI status of this mailbox in Unity, Event Viewer throws 1032 CiscoUnity_Notifier message that is consistent with the bug associated with ES_58. It reports that Unity is trying to refresh the correct user, but the WRONG extension. In this case, Unity is trying to refresh extension 48979.

3) Integration monitor confirms that Unity is actually passing LAMP On signal for 48979 instead of 48377.

4) When refreshing Ext 48979's MWI 1032 error is also received, but this time for ext 48308. Ext 48308 does not appear to be assigned to a Subscriber.

5) 2000+ other users on this server appear to be working with no MWI issues on either to Option 81 or CCM.

In summary, when refreshing User 1 @ Ext 48377, the eventviewer throws a 1032 error for User 1 @ ext 48979. When refreshing User 2 @ Ext 48979, the event viewer reports 1032 error for user 2 @ 48308. Ext 48308 does not exist.

Another note: If I call 48377 or 48979 directly, it forwards to Unity and the correct user's VM answers. Both users have the correct extension associated with their Subscriber accounts. I have removed and re-entered the extension in Unity and changed the MWI extension from X to the correct extension for the user, but the error remains the same.

My next step may to delete and recreate these users, but I wanted to check to see if anyone had any suggestions first. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!



Re: Error 1032 CiscoUnity_Notifier

Can you post the event log error?

Did MWI work for this user at one point, and stop for no apparent reason?

Are the users permissions good still and weren't altered?

Have you tried running DBWalker to see if anything pops up?

What version TSP?

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Re: Error 1032 CiscoUnity_Notifier

1) MWI for this user used to work.

2) I assume that the rights are correct. Everything else seems to be fine, and 2000 other users are not having MWI problems.

3) DBWalker did not show any errors associated with this problem

4) TSP is 7.0(4)59)

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Re: Error 1032 CiscoUnity_Notifier


Issue was resolved by deleting the users and re-importing from Exchange. Not exactly sure what the issue was, but all seems well now.


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