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Error: host not found trying to access the Corporate Directory

We have a CUCM BE6000 platform ver 9.1.2

After 3 months of proper Corporate Directory access from all ip phones, we moved Publisher and Subscriber server.

After restart all Call manager services, none Ip Phone get access to Corporate Directory, we allways get " host not found error" when try to access it.

When we try to access directory url from a Laptop we got the following error:

XML Parsing Error: XML or text declaration not at start of entity
Line Number 7, Column 1:<?xml version="1.0"?>
Do any of you know about this kind of error??

Thanks in advaced!!!

Enrique Villasana


COuld you explain what you

COuld you explain what you mean by "moved Publisher and Subscriber server". If its IP address change, did you set the parameter "Prepare cluster for rollback to pre 8.0" prior to making the changes? Also, try deleting the ITL files on the phone and see if that resolves your issue. 

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Community Member

Thanks George !Our client

Thanks George !

Our client moved to a new building.

We just properly shutdown entire system, and restarted it on new site. We did not change any configuration parameter, and we keep the same ip add, dns. gateway and so on at new site.

I will try with your recommendation of deleting ITL files on Ipphone...

Community Member

Have you found a solution for

Have you found a solution for this? We have them same issue with our directory.

Community Member

I deleted the ITL file from

I deleted the ITL file from one of ip phones with the problem, and it still has problem to access corporate directory.

I have observed that some Ip phones on the platform has proper access to corporate directory.



Community Member

I had the exact same problem.

I had the exact same problem. The browser issue is probably due to Firefox / Chrome, if you try IE it should work, it worked for me.

Regarding the Phone's problem to access Corp. Directory, we had to restart Tomcat on the Subs phones are registered to. It worked in some Subs, others had to be reloaded.

If that doesnt work for you I advise you to raise a case with TAC.

Community Member

Thanks BT,

Thanks BT,

I will try your recommendation on a new client with CUCM ver 10.51 (with the same problem), but I have detected that the problem occurs to remote Ip Phones.

Ip Phones at central site (where CUCM is placed) do not have this problem.

Only remote sites Ip Phones have reported this issue.

Best regards

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