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error message in unity 4

people who are using the ip phones can receive voice mails but cant check them through their phones or via lotus notes. in notes the messages show up but there are no buttons displayed.

checking the event viewer on the unity server there are a bunch of application errors that say:Event Type: Error

Event Source: CiscoUnity_DSDomino

Event Category: Error

Event ID: 1008

Date: 3/29/2004

Time: 5:33:34 PM

User: N/A



Database names.nsf on Server gems-ducs-02 doesn't have the required permissions. Please give the Unity account at least Reader access.

i ran the new permissions wizard and manually checked the names file. the permissions were all set correctly.

New Member

Re: error message in unity 4

Cisco Unity requires Editor with Delete Documents level access on the directory database. Editor access is needed as Cisco Unity does add fields to Person, Group, and Cisco Unity Location documents. Delete Document permissions are needed to delete Unity Locations. These are the only documents Unity does deletes on from the directory. Subscribers and Groups deleted from Unity still remain in the directory database.

UnityServers Group ACL with respect to Names.Nsf


Create documents

Delete documents


Read public documents

Write public documents

Register monitors

Cisco Employee

Re: error message in unity 4

and just to be clear, Permissions Wizard does not apply rights against the Names.Nsf for you...

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Re: error message in unity 4

ok, thanks

how do you suggest i fix it?

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Re: error message in unity 4

This has to be done on the Lotus Domino server where the Names.Nsf database resides and your Lotus Domino administrator should be able to help you out.

Here are the basic things to do:

1) Startup up the Lotus Domino administrator program and sign in with an account that has at least Manager access in the Names.nsf database ACL.

2) Select the Names.Nsf database

3) Choose Tools - Database - Manage ACL and make sure the ACL for UnityServers is configured as per my earlier posting and if not make sure it is.

Here is a link to the Cisco Unity install guide that talks about the access rights that are needed:

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