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Errors installing Meeting place for client

On one machine we have errors trying to connect to MeetingPlace and the client displays the message "Adobe Acrobat Connect requires Flash Player 6.0.65 or newer". Obviously we have followed the links and installed the latest version of Flash Player, but still the message does not go away. We have similar problems with recognising that the Presenter Add In has been installed.

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Re: Errors installing Meeting place for client

Hi Malcom,

What version of Meetingplace are you using? There is a known issue with various versions. See link:

You will need to contact TAC to get the hotfix.



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Re: Errors installing Meeting place for client

There was also another post a while back about the same thing. The workaround is as follows:

The only workaround is to uninstall flash player 10 and reinstall the latest flash player 9.0.124 from the Adobe web site by following these steps:

1. Get the version of the FlashPlayer you already have installed on your client machine by following this technote;

2. If you are running FlashPlayer 10 or higher continue with this procedure, otherwise you can stop here, you do *not* need to proceed.

3. Download the FlashPlayer 9 archive zip file that contains the Flash Player 9.0.124 among the other versions (the version 9.0.124 is located in the 9r124 subfolder):

4. Un-install the existing FlashPlayer by following this technote:

5. Reboot the client machine Operating System

6. Install FlashPlayer 9.0.124 by running one of the following files depending on the Operating System and Browser you are using;

Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP

- Internet Explorer: flashplayer9r124_winax.exe

- Netscape & Firefox: flashplayer9r124_win.exe

Mac OS PowerPC

- flashplayer9r124_mac.dmg

Mac OS Intel



- flashplayer9r124_solaris_x86.tar.bz2 (for Intel x86 based client machines)

- flashplayer9r124_solaris_sparc.tar.bz2 (for Sparc based client machines)

7. (optional) Check that you have FlashPlayer 9.0.124 installed by following this technote :

Hope this helps,


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Re: Errors installing Meeting place for client

This is no longer accurate. Cisco has a hotfix available to address this issue. Please open a TAC case requesting the Flash 10 hotfix.

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Re: Errors installing Meeting place for client

As i said on my previous post above, Cisco offers a hotfix if you contact TAC.

However, with regards to the workaround for people who may not have TAC support (i.e in a lab environment), I tested it this morning and it does work.

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Re: Errors installing Meeting place for client

Thank you for the advice. The workaround works fine and in the meantime I am asking our computer centre to contact TAC for the fix in case others have a similar problem and in case I in advertently upgrade to Flash 10..

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Re: Errors installing Meeting place for client

I have further issues with Meeting Place. I would be grateful for assistance.

I understand the hotfix has been installed however I can no longer connect to Meeting Place, instead I get only as far as the page "Check our troubleshooting page for further assistance." If I run the browser test, it gives the message "Done" but does not execute the speed test as I see on other machines (ie I get the 3 green ticks but only then a single line).

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Re: Errors installing Meeting place for client

I am unable to connect to Meeting Place even though the check tool reports OK. I note it does not run the speed test on the machine that does not work.

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