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Exchange database is currupt


This is the first time we are trying to backup our unity server (voicemail only) using HP backup solution. We installed the software on unity server and also opened up a case with HP, HP is telling us the following:

RESOLUTION: The issue was seen to be due to a corrupt Exchange

database. After repairing the database using "eseutil /p," the backups

should be successful.

The Windows Event viewer also showed errors relating to checksum

mismatches in the mailbox files - further indicating some sort of

database corruption.

For more information, please check the following Microsoft

knowledgebase document:

What should we do? it is safe for us to this? any recommendations would be highly appreciated.



Re: Exchange database is currupt

Hi -

That document is pretty old, especially if you are running Exchange 2000. If you haven't already engaged your Microsoft support folks, I would do so BEFORE executing these instructions and tell them what HP advised. You didn't mention if you are having any Unity service related problems, like voice messages not getting to the correct users, etc. Microsoft may be able to terminal service into the server and provide another option for you.


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Re: Exchange database is currupt


We have been running unity for a long time, evertime the harddrive would overflow with the transactional logs . We are running into the same issue again, we only have 500M left on the hard drive and trying to find a way to back the system on a regualr basis so that transactional logs do not fillup the hardrive.


Re: Exchange database is currupt

I agree with ginger also. But what you can use, is the simple NT Backup that comes with windows. back the files, the transaction log directory to another folder or mapped drive. Once you do that, Exchange will then clear them out. You really do not have to back up the entire server, just that directory, because then the NT backup will flip the switch on the those files "backed up" and Exchange will see that and start cleaning them out automatially. If not, you have to do this manually.. pain in the #*$(.

Your Priv and your Pub will get damaged if you let the transaction log or anything take up all the space on your server. Exchange is quite picky when it comes to running out of space.

- stop the exchange services

- backup the log files

- check your disk space that it has enough room

- start Exchange services

- if you are still getting errors, you will have to call MS and get them involved. Exchange is held together very carefully and if you delete transaction logs or move files, the Priv and Pub may get corrupted.

good luck!

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