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Exchange setup with digital networking

Unity 4.2.1

I want to set up digital networking between two Unity servers. Cisco documentation is very vague on how to set up domain, forest so I am relying on the forum.

First server I have configure AD as follow:

Domain controller for a new domain

Create a new domain tree

Create a new forest of domain tree

Unity is working fine on first server

On second server I have configure AD as follow

Domain controller for a new domain

Create a new domain tree

Join existing forest of domain tree

Problem 1 - When I go to AD on server 1 I can see the domain of server 2 but cannot connect. However on server 2 I can connect to server 1 domain. I have setup DNS already on both servers.

Problem 2 - When I put in the same message store CD in server 2 that I use on server 1 and use the same CD key, it will not allow me to install exchange. Can I use the same message store CD on both servers?

Please help


Re: Exchange setup with digital networking

While multiple domains can technical work, it really is beyond the scope of what would be supported for a VM only environment. There are a number of additional complexities it brings to AD and you simply don't need to do it.

What you should do is place them in the same domain. This will require you to reinstall the second server. If this is a production environment for a customer make sure you run 'dcpromo' first to demote the machine. When I would reinstall the OS, join it to the first domain, and then make it an additional domain controller in an existing domain. (Typically you'd want to install DNS on it as well and make it a GC.)

I don't know why Exchange didn't install. You can install it as many times as you like in the same forest. Maybe check the setup log on c:\.



New Member

Re: Exchange setup with digital networking

Hi Kechambe

Thank you for your clarification. I wish there is a document on Cisco that will talk about how to setup AD and Exchange in a digital networking environment. Is running the dcpromo on the second controller has an option to make it a GC? Sorry my W2K is limited.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Re: Exchange setup with digital networking

Hi -

A domain controller is made a Global Catalog server by using the Active Directory Sites and Services MMC. From the management console, you drill down to your AD site - click on servers. Select the server and click the + sign. Right-click NTDS settings and select Properties. There will be a check box that says Global Catalog. Check this and save. You mentioned your experience with Windows is limited. If you are going to be supporting Unity in an Exchange environment, I recommend you take both the MCSE Windows 2003 training classes as well as Exchange. You will need this experience to not only support Unity over installs, upgrades, security hotfix applies etc. and to troubleshoot the application.


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