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Expansion Module Issue/ Attendant Console

Hi All,

One of my customers has an attendant console server. Attendant has 7962G phone and 7915 Expansion module.

Attendant has many lines onfigured on the exapansion module. When one of the number from that line is talking on the phone and at the same time when the attendant makes call to anyone, then instead of showing attendant's number on called party's phone, it shows the number of the person who's configured on the attendant's line and talking on the phone. This doesnt happen when two person's configured on the phone talk at the same time and attendant makes a call.

e.g. If the attendant's number is 8990, Lines configured on the expansion modules are 8960, 8970, 8980.

When 8960 alone is talking on the phone, and 8990 makes a call to some other number (assume 8921) then on 8921 phone it shows 8960 is caling.

And if 8960, 8970 both are talking and then 8990(Attendant) makes call the number goes right.

Any help would be appreciable. Thanking in anticipation.


Amitkumar Patel.     

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