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Exporting Subsciber Greetings from 3.x Unity

Has anyone exported subscriber greetings? I get "long binary data" in the "greeting name" column after a full DB dump. I must be missing something but I cannot find where the actual greetings are exported although the utility says that greetings are exported...

Cisco Employee

Re: Exporting Subsciber Greetings from 3.x Unity

What utility are you using? There is no "full dB dump" for 3.x... there's full DB export for 2.x (which can be imported into 3.x/4.x systems). There's Sub Info Dump, is this what you're using? Sub Info Dump includes the greetngs as files on the HD (just plain WAV files).

New Member

Re: Exporting Subsciber Greetings from 3.x Unity

Oops... I meant to say "from 2.x"...

I think the question I have is about the WAV files - it appears that when I ran the Sub Info Dump that it did not collect the WAV files...

Cisco Employee

Re: Exporting Subsciber Greetings from 3.x Unity

The Full DB Export tool for 2.x stores the WAV files in a binary "blob" format in the Access database - I had to kind of "fool it" to make this happen, it's not a standard format supported by the MDB drivers. Pulling it out on your own will be a bit tricky if that's what you're trying to do - you have to pull teh bits out, reconstruct the file on your own. It's not trivial.

On a 3.x or later systems, greetings are stored as straight WAV files in the \commserver\streamfiles\ directory. On 2.x and earlier systems they were stored in a proprietary binary format (it was intended to stream faster or something - pretty sure it didn't). Same deal with voice names.

Sub Info Dump only offers to dump WAV files for greetings and voice names in later versions of Unity as a result. On 2.x you don't have that option.

BTW, we stopped supporting 2.x over two years ago - been quite a long time since I've done anything in that code base...

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