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Extension not showing when searching by extension


Unity 4.0(2) VM

When searching for a subscriber by extension, the matching Subscribers table returns one match,

but the Telephone Number attribute is populated with the text "n/a" and not a integer.

When you select the matching record and examine this subscribers profile, you'll see that extention is empty.

If you try to fill out the extension field, you'll get an error stating that the extension is allready taken

and you should choose an unique extension for this subscriber.

There are no related db errors, nor do we have a replcation issue.

Somewhere in the SQl db, the extension field is buried, but i can't figure out where.

I could delete the unity subscriber and import the account again, but this is not a proper way to resolve such an issue.

There has to be a reason for this behaviour.

Regards Tonny


Re: Extension not showing when searching by extension

Hello -

I had this happen a couple of times, but I have not seen it reoccur with either 4.0(4) or 4.0(5). If you are comfortable with working in SQL AND have your Unity SQL backups running/validated, here is how I fixed:

1. Start Microsoft SQL - Enterprise Manager

2. Drill down to UnityDb

3. Click on Tables to view all of them

4. Right-click the Subscriber Table and select Return all rows. Be careful here, you can make changes directly to the database.

5. Locate the subscriber that has the extension problem

6. Copy the data in field subscriberobjectid using CTL-C

7. Exit this table

8. Right-click the DTMFAccessid Table and select Return all rows

9. Start a Query by clicking on the SQL image in the toolbar. A window will open. Enter the query as shown here. where parentobjectid = '[data from field copied earlier]' You can use a CTL-V to paste the data in.

10. Click on the exclamation point to run your query

The result should return one row with the subscriber's extension - this field is called DTMFAccessid

11.Replace the data in the field with the extension

12. Exit the table.

Check the subscriber's extension via the SA and you should see it again.


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