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External callers get cut off when leaving vm

I'm doing a new deployment. I found a specific problem for external callers who are forwarded to voice mail.

My maximum message length is set to 300 seconds. I've tested that this is working properly since I leave a 5-minute message when calling from an internal IP phone. However, when an external call is sent to voice mail they get cut-off at the 30 second mark or so. A fifth of the time, they get a message that says "To send this message, press 1" and so forth. Far more commonly, in my testing, they get the following announcement:

"All circuits are busy. Please try your call again later. Announcement 8. Switch 139-107"

I'm pretty sure that isn't from Unity or CUCM; it sounds like something from the telephone company. However, I'm trying to figure out what the root cause of the problem is so I can either address it myself or open an intelligent and specific voicemail with the phone company.

Also, if anyone could direct me to where I can find the CCM 6.1's handoff process to Unity Connection I'd appreciate it. I'm trying to figure out exactly what is happening at the 30 second mark that leads to the problem.

Thank you in advance for your help.


Re: External callers get cut off when leaving vm

A cause that Unity will cut a message off short can be:

The audio stream coming into Unity is either too quiet or isn't coming in at all. If that is the case we need to verify the quiet parameters on the Unity server as stated on the following document:

If you are using MGCP on your gateway please add the following command:

no mgcp timer receive-rtcp

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