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Failed extension dial goes to opening greeting

I have unity 4.0.5 server servicing multiple companies. Each company has its own auto attendant and unique employees. If a user tries to dial an extension and fails (wrong number, to slow whatever) the call goes to the opening greeting. Is there any way to make a failed call return to the call handler/subscriber it came from? Or A least a separate one per company.

Cisco Employee

Re: Failed extension dial goes to opening greeting

This is the default behavior of the error greeting (which is a hidden greeting that determins where the call goes when an invalid entry). You can change this in a couple ways.

The easiest way is using BulkEdit - on the greetings page you'll see a tab for "error greeting" and one of the options in there is "loop back to self" which is there just for this type of thing.

You can also expose the error greeting in the SA using the Advanced Settings Tool - there's an option in there to show the hidden error greeting and then change the behavior one handler/subscriber at a time.

New Member

Re: Failed extension dial goes to opening greeting

Thank you thats what I needed

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