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New Member

Failing Presence 10 installation



I'm installing Cisco Presence 10 on a Vmware ESXi. I have already installed a CUCM 10.X and now attempting to link these in the installation.


I have already prepared some configuration on the CUCM, i've added the presence as a server in CUCM, and also made a SIP trunk.

The SIP trunk is in service, i can also ping the installing Presence server from the CUCM

I went into the service parameters and enabled the "allow subscription" and also pointed towards the SIP trunk. The problem i am receiving is the following error message during installation of the presence:


*Configuration validation with cucm (ip address) failed. Could not send/receive UDP packets to publisher on port 8500.

- Is this node in the application server list on the cisco unified manager ( No it isn't but i can't add it, there no selection menu for it)

- Is the network connection up (Yes)

- Is the MTU Size correct for this network (Yes)

- Does the network allow packet fragments (Yes)



Anyone have an idea what might be causing this issue, there's no clear guide i've found to get this working.


Hello,In CUCM System->


In CUCM System-> Servers is configured the hosname or IP Address?

Didi you follow the Pre Installation Tasks?


Leonardo Santana

New Member

Hello,In the CUCM System ->


In the CUCM System -> Servers the server is configured as an IP address yes


Yes i did follow the pre-install tasks, they should be operational




Yannick Vranckx

You add IM and Presence as

You add IM and Presence as Subscriber Node?

Step 4   Configure subscriber nodes on the publisher node before you install a subscriber node. From Cisco Unified CM Administration on the publisher node, choose System > Server and configure the IP address for the subscriber nodes. For more information, see the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration Guide.


Leonardo Santana

New Member

Hi, This i don't understand,



This i don't understand, when i add it under server, it just states "IM & Presence Server"

I add the IP and a domain, it auto sets the DB Replication to Publisher.

Is this a bad thing?




Yannick Vranckx

Yannick,"When you install IM


"When you install IM and Presence nodes, the first node that you install functions as the server for the IM and Presence database. Because this node publishes the database for all of the IM and Presence nodes in the cluster, it is referred to as the IM and Presence database publisher; however, you must install this and all other IM and Presence nodes as subscribers of the Unified Communications Manager publisher node. As with other subscriber nodes, you must add these in the system topology before you install the software. "

Now its working?


Leonardo Santana

New Member

Leonardo,I am still having


I am still having the issue, i've added the server as a normal subscriber, and is pingable from the call manager. I am still seeing the issue. It has the same error message or that the configuration has a mismatch.




Yannic Vranckx

New Member

Hello Yannick, How you solved

Hello Yannick,


How you solved the issue ? I have the same issue here !

New Member

For reference, its solved now

For reference, its solved now after re-installing the IMP VM from OVA file.

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