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Failover Configuration Issue

UM 4.05 failover, W2K/E2K offbox, CM 4.1.3 integration.

We had to move the Unity servers and change the IP addresses, followed the documentation to change the IPs and then shut down/moved servers. Servers are now back on the network and each one is running individually ok but when you try to failover, you get the message:

"Can not perform failiver. Check that the requested service and the AvCsNodeMgr service are running on the secondary machine".

The AvCsNodeMgr service is running on the secondary server, what is the requested service?

Also, we tried to re-run the failover conifguration and got the error message:

"Cisco Unify Failover Wizard [0x522]. The specified account is invalid. Verify the account name and password of the specified account and try again. Detailed Info : Method LogonUser returned error [ 0x522]. A required privelage is not held by the client.

I have verified all permissions locally, as well as with the permissions wizard for the unitymsgstoresvc account which is being used for failover? One other thing I have noticed..although the failover wizard sees the correct IP/host name of each server, the failover Monitor still shows the old IP address listed in the monitor page. Obviously there is some SQL issues but not sure how hard this is going to be to fix.....

Will be opening a TAC ticket later today if we have no luck so thought I would post first to see if any of the brilliant folks here might have some insight/ideas....


New Member

Re: Failover Configuration Issue

Found the problem - the IP address of the partner servers in the registry was still pointing to the old IP addresses, for some reason did not get updated when the new IP addresses were applied. Once I changed the IP addresses in the registry and restarted the servers, was able to rerun the failover configuration and continue with the steps required to complete changes.

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