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FastBusy on CTI RP

Hey Guys,

i have a weird problem here. I have a multi-site CUCM7 setup with about 18 Device pools and regions along with equal partitions and CSS per site. We just recently implemented an IPCC Express 7 system. The Triggers belong to a particular DevicePool and Partition along with correct CSS. The problem is that only IP phones within that Device Pool can dial the triggers directly, all other phones get a fastbusy. I also have a DID translated to a DN that is CFA to one of the triggers. If i make an external inbound call I get a fastbusy that way also. I checked the partitions and CSS and Codec between regions. No issue there that I can see. I have reset CTI manager svc. Nothing has any effect other than moving the phone to the same device pool. I can even change the CSS on the CTI ports and it has no effect, only changing the Device Pool. I have a TAC case open but after 2 days of traces and guesses they are stumped. Has anyone out there ran into something like this?



Re: FastBusy on CTI RP

"after 2 days of traces and guesses they are stumped" - LOL.

May I ask what's the difference between the two device pool? Are they using the same CM group?


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Re: FastBusy on CTI RP

Id the codec in the region set to 711 from all calling devices and not just defualt? Try creating a DP with a region where all other locations are configured for 711.

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