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Fax Server 9.3 and Exchange - Faxes get stuck on Exchange Connector

We have Fax Server 9.3 with Microsoft Exchange.

Sometimes, an inbound Fax gets stuck on the shared directory on the Exchange (where the Fax Server gets and places faxes, in the form of temporary files) and no further faxes are accepted (no more faxes get sent to the Exchange mailboxes).

After the temporary files of the stucked fax get deleted, the faxes start being successfuly received again (and sent to the appropriate Exchange mailboxes).

We don't understand:

1) Why the fax gets stuck (the RightFax Exchange connector does not process the fax)

2) Why further faxes are not accepted (the RightFax Exchange connector seems to be stucked with that fax and is unable to process further faxes)

Has anyone faced this issue?

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