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Forwading cell phone to Unity Connection - Single mailbox with desk DN

I am having troubles get the following scenario to work:

Cell Phone: 555-555-5555 cfw busy and cfw no answer to Unity Connection VM Pilot

Desk Phone: 1234 with Unity Connection mailbox and Alternate Extension listed as 555-555-5555

When the cell phone cfw kicks in it hits Unit Connection and you get "Hello, Cisco Unity Connection Voicemail System...."  you are NOT forwarded to the correct mailbox for the alternate extension.

What is the proper way to configure this?

I want the cell phone and the desk phone to share the same mailbox, but not using Single Number Reach.  Either number should be able to be called individually and when cfw condition kicks in on the cell phone, it should go to the correct Unity Connection mailbox.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Forwading cell phone to Unity Connection - Single mailbox with d

Check debug isdn q931.

If telco doesn't send the calls as a forwaded one, and that is no relayed to Unity, Unity cannot know the condition and activate VM.

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Re: Forwading cell phone to Unity Connection - Single mailbox wi

Hi Nate,

I would try this Tool from the excellent suite of Unity Tools to have a look

at the call flow to see what # is being passed to Unity Connection on the

forwarded call from 555-555-5555. You may need to set up a Forwarded Call

Routing Rule in Connection

Port Status Remote Monitor for Connection (rPSM)



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Re: Forwading cell phone to Unity Connection - Single mailbox wi

I want cfw busy and cfw no answer from cell to be answered by correct unity connection mailbox (shared with desk DN)

Remote Port Status Monitor Output:

01:38:30, New Call, CalledId=2950,  RedirectingId=,  Origin=16,  Reason=1,  CallGuid=C2E8E7D7DD6B4AF0A41F00417BB6E5F1,  CallerName=,  LastRedirectingId=,  LastRedirectingReason=1024,  PortDisplayName=CM_CUCMBE-1-001,[Origin=Unknown],[Reason=Direct]

01:38:31, AttemptSignIn

01:38:31, State - AttemptSignIn.cde!Dummy

01:38:31, Event is [NULL]

01:38:31, PHTransfer

01:38:31, State - PHTransfer.cde!LoadInfo

01:38:31, Event is [TrueEvent]

01:38:31, PHGreeting

01:38:31, State - PHGreeting.cde!PlayGreeting

01:38:31, Call answered if needed

01:38:31, Playing greeting for Call Handler:  Opening Greeting

01:38:36, Event is [HangupEvent]

01:38:36, State - PHGreeting.cde!DoHangup

01:38:36, Event is [HangupEvent]

01:38:36, Idle

Also Included RTMT Screen shot:

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