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Forward call from Unity System Call Handler to UCCX

So on CUCM 9.1.2 I have a CTI route point for calls that come in on the main number 1000 and it goes to a Unity System Call handler.


Then I have a customer service group that has a CTI route point that goes to the UCCX server for customer service ext. 1050.  This works perfectly.


When a call comes in to the main number if someone wants to talk to Customer Service they are supposed to press 3 and forward that call to the UCCX customer service group, so I enter for caller input (3), Call Action - Transfer to Alternate Contact Number - Extension - 1050.


When I press 3 for customer service, instead of being dropped into the Customer service UCCX queue, it says "wait while i transfer your call" then plays music (instead of the customer service greeting) for 6 seconds then says "sorry this number did not answer" and it puts me back in the main queue for the 1000 number. 

How can I transfer a call from the Unity Call Handler to the UCCX queue?



It sounds like a partition

It sounds like a partition issue to me. Make sure that the CSS assigned to the VM ports/SIP trunk for Voicemail has access to the partition that is assigned to the CTI RP of the UCCX trigger and also the partition assigned to the CTI ports.

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Thanks for the response.  I

Thanks for the response.  I saw your post and immediately thought you were onto something.  The Directory Number I was trying to forward to was in Route Partition <None>, and CSS <None>, so I added it to the same Route Partition and same CSS as the VM CTI RP directory number.  The CTI RP for UCCX was also in CSS <None> so I added it to the same CSS as well.  Applied config, saved, and reset each. 


However, I am still getting the same issue and it loops be back to the beginning instead of transferring my call.

From within Unity Connection,

From within Unity Connection, are you attempting an immediate or supervised transfer with the caller input option?

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I tried both, both had the

I tried both, both had the same result.  It tells me to wait, then plays hold music, never rings or connects to the UCCX system.  Drops me back at the beginning of the Unity Call handler. 

I am about to create a sip trunk to a router, strip/replace the destination number at the router, and send it back to the CUCM/UCCX to get it to work.

Right now, I have it transferring to a single agent in customer service, and that works fine, but if she is away, the call will go directly to her personal voice mail, instead of the next available agent.  Tried both to the agent directly as well, one way, it played music till she picked up, the other, it rang until she picked up.

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Also, putting the CTI RP of

Also, putting the CTI RP of the UCCX trigger into a partition made it stop receiving calls from the PSTN.  I put it back to Partition <None> CSS <None>

Does it work when you assign

Does it work when you assign the voicemail ports the None CSS (both at line/device level)? Also, you could look at remote port status monitor and see if the call is going out. If its going out, CM traces would be good or you could open a TAC case to dig deeper. So many variables in here. 

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