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New Member

Forwarded call time stamp

Currenlty, when a subscriber forwards a message that he/she has received to another subscriber, the reciever of the forwarded message looses the time stamp of the original message. Is there a way to change this behavior. Meaning, the reciever will have the time stamp for when the message was forwarded, and also the time stamp for when the original message was received by the initial receiver of the message. We are using Untiy 4.1.1.


Cisco Employee

Re: Forwarded call time stamp

No - Unity plays the timestamp of the message as provided by the MAPI interface into the message - a "chain" of timestamps is not provided through this interface - I believe the MAL is useing the time the message was last modified there. You can parse into the text on the body of the email and fish out the original forwarding info (who forwarded it and what time they did so) but this is a bit more complicated than it sounds.

It'd be possible to expose the creation time of the message which I believe is carted around in another MAPI property and never changes - so technically you can get the time last modified and the original send time without fishing through the body text.

Either way - Unity only uses the last modified time when playing the time stamp over the phone (i.e. the time you see in an email reader which dictates the message sort order in a desktop viewer). As with all such things, make sure you ask your account team to put a request in for this in PERs. It might be something you could expose under the message properties (i.e the "envelop info" - you'd have to select this option during message playback to hear the original creation time).

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