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Forwarding a Hunt Pilot CUCM 8.6



We have CUCM 8.6 in use.

I have created a Hunt Pilot and have the following question:


Is there any possibility  for the user of this Hunt pilot to forwarding this to other call number , I mean a possibility only for user and not for administrator or …?

as Exmaple:

Hunt Pilot Number 1111 , it has 5 members in the group , it is no user available at the moment and the last user of this Hunt would like forward this hunt to user X who is not member of the Huntgrup


I mean with possibilty maybe  "push a botton on telephone" or whatever.

Best Regards



Cisco Employee

No, this needs to be adjusted

No, this needs to be adjusted in CCMadmin



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Thanks JaimeBest

Thanks Jaime

Best Regards


If you had a spare phone

If you had a spare phone handset that you could put near the members of the hunt group you could set the Call Forward Busy and Call Forward No Answer of the hunt pilot to the DN of this phone. The hunt group members could then just set the Call Forward All destination of this phone as needed.

This will work but is pretty clunky, uses a handset and needs the hunt group members to be near the physical phone.

Another option would be to create a dummy phone in CUCM (it would not need to register) and assign it as a device to the hunt group member CUCM user accounts.

Again the DN of the dummy phone would be the CFB and CFNA destination of the hunt pilot

The members could then login to the ccmuser web portal and forward this dummy phone as required.

Hope this helps.


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