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forwarding calls to Unity from single dialed number


We are facing an issue here to manipulate incoming calls to a hotline into two different Greetings (one in the day time , the other for night )  .we have configured the same phone extension to forward the call to unity  first. So everytime the call forward to Unity, so during daytime it  play opening greeting for the day time. During night , calls comes to same number , but we need to define a  different greeting for those calls.

In our case , we cannot change the incoming number or use scheduling .

In call viewer , we can see , the dialed number & forwarding number is same  in both schenarios.

So , we can not divide these calls to both greetings.

We try to manually forward the incoming call to a differrent extension , but still unity consider the forwarding station is same , so the same forwarding rule matches , so it play only one greeting everytime.

Appreciate if anybody can help me to resolve this issue.




Re: forwarding calls to Unity from single dialed number

hi there

the issue yu have above can be solved in multipules ways

for eaxmple if you  have UCCX it wil be very easy to make the call hndeled first by UCCX then sent to Unity


there is also diffrent ways to do it using CUCM

one of the way si used it as bellow:

this method will count on time od day call routing although it will look a bit confusing but i used to use it :

the general concept behind it is  as following example:

external number that need to has two diffrent greeting based on time od day day/night  is 5000

will creat two partitions called 5000-day-pt  and 5000-night-pt

then we have to creat two time ranges and time sechdules

time period one = from 9 am to 17 pm time zone xx

time period 2 = 17 to 00 time zone xx

time period 3 = 00 to 9 am time zone xx

whee xx is ur time zone and the times above for the example only u can use whatever times u like

then creat two ttime sechdules

time schdule1 = associated with time period 1

time schdule2 = associated with time period 2 and 3  ( for after hours)

then you need to associated each of the prticions created above with respective time schdule

i.e 5000-day-pt with time schdule1

in this case the 500-day-pt will be active only during the time in schdule 1 which is in our example from 9 to 17

do the same for the orhter partition to make it active during the rest of the time

now creat two call handers in unity and assigne it number


CH-day = extention 5001

CH-night = 5002

in the setting of each call hander changed the option if the transfered call to play greeting and record a greeting of each one as you wish

now as we have fron above two partitions each one will be active in diffrent times

we can create two translation patrens for the same number (5000)

we assign each one one of the partitions created and assigned a time sechdule above

for example

tanslation patren 1

pattren 5000

partition 5000-day-pt

translated called number 5001

when the call comes to 5000 between 9 and 17 will be sent to call handler CH-day and will play the recorded greeting in the CH ( make sure this translation has a CSS that reach the unity VM ports)

creat another translation pattren for the night time

pattren 5000

partition 5000-night-pt

called number mask 5002   - to go to CH2 night time

good luck

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