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Forwarding Extension in phone menu

I have a Unity 4.0(4) server; whenever someone tries to forward their number to another number in the Unity menu, it will confirm the change, and state that the number will forward; however, when someone tries to call the number, it will not forward; also, if you forward it from the phone or the CCM user page, it works correctly. I believe there is something that the user needs to set in the CCM as well in order to get this to work, but I am not sure. Is this correct, or are there other considerations as to why this will not work?


Re: Forwarding Extension in phone menu

Hi -

To forward the physical DN on the phone, there are two ways to do this:

1. The primary line on the phone can be forwarded by pressing the CFwdAll soft key and dialing the number, including access code to get offnet or just dial the extension for forwarding to an internal extension.

2. You cannot use the same soft key to forward second/third etc. lines on the phone. The user can do this from the CCMUser web page. Or the CCMAdmin can do this by updating the Forward All calls in the directory line configuration.

I'm thinking the Unity forwarding you are talking about in the Unity conversation is changing the Call Transfer settings?


Re: Forwarding Extension in phone menu


The transfer option in Unity mailboxes is for direct calls within the Unity system and not forwarded calls from CCM. So if a user changes the Transfer option on their mailbox, then it will only route to that new number if a directed call is made in Unity. For example calling a Unity opening greeting and dialing a user's extension, this would be direct. If a user calls a person's IP phone and it's forward to VM (via CFNA, CFB, etc.) then a forwarded rule is invoked which sends it to greeting. This is all based off the Cisco Unity routing rules.

Alternatively you can make a greeting forward by setting the after greeting option to "Send caller to Subscriber", this will then be a direct call to the subscriber and the transfer section will then apply. You can even disable the greeting so it'll be seamless. The after greeting option can only be set via the Admin utility. This feature is mainly used more for Call Handlers.

So to summarize, the CCM method for forwarding above is your best option. The Unity transfer options are there but only really get invoked if using the Unity as an AA or you have a generic Opening Greeting transfer to voicemail option.

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