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Forwarding Indication

CM 3.3.3 sr something...

Unity 4.0(5)


Any way to alter the behavior of CM/Unity for call waiting calls that aren't answered to be delivered to Unity as BUSY instead of No Answer?

Thought is since you are on another call already and you chose to ignore the second call and let voicemail take it, voicemail should play your busy greeting and not the standard/no answer greeting.


Re: Forwarding Indication

The closest you can get now is by configuring the users primary line they first get calls on to have a busy trigger of 1, then forward busy / forward no answer to a second, third line on their phone.

This way if they are on a call on their main line, with busy trigger 1 it will roll to second line and ring there, and any other lines then roll to VM and the forward reason will be busy since the primary line busy trigger was 1 and they were on a call.

But you need to be on call manager 4.x for busy trigger setting on DNs.

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